Getting to Know Geraldine Plas

Getting to Know Geraldine Plas


Geraldine Plas is a central figure in waterways stewardship in Victoria and a valued member of the Chain of Ponds Collaboration. She is the Principal for Waterways Collaboration at Melbourne Water, a role that was created as an outcome of the 2018 Healthy Waterways Strategy. In this role, Geraldine is responsible for strengthening the collective action required to protect and enhance the significant natural, social and cultural values of waterways in Greater Melbourne.

Geraldine has been working in waterway management for ten years. She has had a long career in the environmental and sustainability space, having worked with local governments in Europe and Australia, EPA Victoria and the New Zealand Parliament.

Geraldine has been involved in the Chain of Ponds Collaboration for several years and is proud of the strong relationships that have been formed over time, She finds the shared vision for the Creek, and the energy, influence and new ideas that the group creates, to be the most exciting elements of working with Chain of Ponds. Additionally, Geraldine values the complementary strengths, tool-box and perspectives that each partner brings to the problems they are trying to solve together.

She believes that integrated water management (IWM) is critical to Melbourne and the city’s water future. Good management will allow us to secure drinking water for our growing city, reduce damage to our ecosystems, and improve the liveability of Melbourne. Geraldine spends a lot of her leisure time enjoying the city’s rivers and creeks, including walking, canoeing and swimming. The Banyule Creek, close to where she lives, has brought Geraldine a lot of comfort and peace during the trials of the past 18 months. She remains hopeful of seeing a platypus in the wild one day – maybe even close to home in the Yarra!

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