Reimagining Your Creek

The exciting Reimagining Moonee Ponds Creek project, led by Melbourne Water on behalf of the Chain of Ponds Collaboration and DELWP, aims to transform a section of Moonee Ponds Creek  into a more natural form. Melbourne Water recently undertook a two-phase community consultation process with the community to ensure that the proposed design was in line with community expectations.

Phase one engagement aimed to understand how the community currently uses the space and what improvements the community are important to enhance the creek channel and make the surrounding area a desirable open space for the community to enjoy.  Environmental sustainability was the top priority for the community, capturing the importance of naturalising the creek and improving biodiversity in the area.  Other community priorities include improved safety and enhancing recreational spaces and connections to the creek for the whole community to enjoy.

This information was used by the project team to inform and guide the development of the three concept designs. These were presented to the community during the second phase of engagement during August and early September.

Most popular was Design Concept C with 43% of the community preferring this design over the other two options.  The installation of the pond at Oak Park was considered the most valuable aspect of this concept design.

Design Concept C includes an upgrade of the creek channel between Ethel Street Reserve and Herbert Street Bridge (excluding Herbert Street Reserve). The design includes 500m removal of the concrete walls and placement of rocks throughout the channel. Design Concept C includes improvements to Ethel Street Reserve to provide a vantage point down to the creek channel.

Additionally, Design Concept C includes the realignment of the Brosnan Crescent section of shared path providing a separation of cyclists and pedestrians between Pascoe Vale Road and Margaret Street bridge.

Key features include:

  • 500m length of naturalised waterway
  • Installation of six rock weirs
  • Construction of a pond approximately 1m in depth near Oak Park Reserve revealing the existing piped drainage line
  • Opening the Oak Park stormwater drain is a more natural way of managing stormwater than providing a piped connection into the creek.
  • Rocks and native revegetation in the channel
  • Bank revegetation and canopy cover
  • Installation of formal seating with bench seats
  • 691 tonnes of concrete removed from side wings and base of pond
  • Separate the bike path and pedestrian path along Brosnan Crescent.

Construction will begin in early 2022.

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2 thoughts on “Reimagining Your Creek”

  1. I applaud the Chain of Ponds for this long awaited and much needed project but when is work going to start? It is now almost the end of 2022 and I haven’t seen a single piece of concrete removed yet.

    1. Hi Claire,
      Indeed! There have unfortunately been a number of delays, some due to the significant rainfall in the catchment in the past weeks. The good news – weather dependent, Melbourne Water will begin working on the 50metre section upstream of Margaret Street bridge in late November to early December, so soon! The works downstream of the bridge will be done in later stages. These upcoming works will involve the removal of concrete panels on the slopes of the creek and the installation of rock work. All going well this section is expected to be finished in February 2022 when the next downstream sections will begin. A Community Works Bulletin will be out tomorrow.
      Thanks for getting in touch.

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