Getting to know – Ruthven Davey-Greene

Getting to know – Ruthven Davey-Greene

Image Left: Ruthven at the volunteer ‘weeding’ day on the banks of the Moonee Ponds Creek.

Ruthven Davey-Green is an IWM Sub-Catchment Planning Engineer at Yarra Valley Water. He offers a wealth of experience having completed his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, as well as having worked for over 3 years as a Modelling Services Engineer at Barwon Water.

Ruthven first joined Yarra Valley Water in 2018 as part of their water modelling team, but soon saw an opportunity to work within Integrated Water Management (IWM). This opportunity led him to work on the Moonee Ponds Creek and become an integral part of the Chain of Ponds collaboration.

‘I love how this role allows me to combine my engineering and computer-based skills with the softer side of the role in community interaction, leading workshops and the ability to build proper relationships with those around me,’ says Ruthven Davey-Greene.

Of all the groups he has been a part of, Ruthven feels that the Chain of Ponds has the most passionate and dedicated members. ‘The people representing Chain of Ponds aren’t just doing it as a part of their jobs – you can see it in their eyes that they truly want to be there, which consequently brings about ‘real change’.

Regarding the most exciting part of the collaboration, Ruthven says he values how Chain of Ponds is able to take an idea and turn it into real, tangible action on the ground.

‘The team is excellent at creating concepts in partnership with everyone in the room, following them up through to delivery. An example of this is the naturalisation of the creek where we are removing concrete and replacing it with natural features.’

Ruthven also spoke about how at Yarra Valley Water, the Chain of Pond is part of their core business strategy to elevate traditional owners of the land (in this case, the Wurundjeri) to the status of a partner rather than just a consultative body. Ruthven’s goal is to assist, facilitate and encourage the group to maximise exposure to traditional owners and help them become more involved in the planning of the area.

At Yarra Valley Water, Ruthven has created a social club where those involved undertake many educational and social activities. He was able to use this club, in conjunction with the connections he has made through Chain of Ponds and the Moonee Ponds community group to organise a volunteer day where the members came down to the banks of the Moonee Ponds Creek and undertook a ‘weeding project’ where they spent the day cleaning up the banks of the creek.

In regards to the future prospects of the collaboration, Ruthven is excited to see the projects and perspectives that will come about after the refresh of the Memorandum of Understanding.

‘I’m looking forward to seeing the Chain of Ponds continue to deliver successful ideas and on-ground projects as well as shape its strategic vision alongside the maturing water industry.’

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